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  1. Medical control of the medical market for cost control and the hospital

    The current social development is rapid, the medical market has been extended, including the launch of the telemedicine, for residents to save a lot of unnecessary trouble, so in the backdrop of the rapidly rising medical costs, medical investment growth is picking up, a lot of money pouring into industry outside, trying to find new sources of growth. But the health care industry relatively special, seemingly large market, but in the short term to obtain the high quality project is difficult. This is due to medical industry is a long period, a large number of projects is not able to return in the short term, if you want to the value of medical investment you have to understand the characteristics of the development of medical market, to invest, with minimum input for maximum of receiving.


    Although the theme of China's medical policy is not very clear, but is unable to invest a lot of wear bottom in health care and government fiscal subsidies under the premise of the whole health service policy development in the future will be to control cost as the main line is beyond doubt.


    For medical fee, the core is two things: one is to prevent and control disease, 2 it is to reduce medical service cost. To prevent and control the disease, you need to healthy people for effective preventive health management, especially to the patient slow patients group of tracking and intervention to control their condition for a long term development, to help the patient recover as soon as possible. But such measures although cost is not big, but have little slow, takes years to get real results. And each patient's physical condition is different, need to symptomatic treatment, the total cost is not low. Here, the curative effect is the core of the final. Only to improve curative effect, such efforts can be called successful, but if not improve curative effect, the significance of the so-called health management not only to control cost is very weak, cannot convince a patient to participate in again.


    And reduce medical service cost is very intuitive and fast. Such as telemedicine has made rapid development in the United States, the main advantage is that it directly reduces the medical service cost, it promotes the explosive growth of remote interrogation. On the other hand, under pressure from powerful charged fees, hospital for cost control has become very sensitive, in the case of a limited income growth, control their own costs will be charged fee has a huge market. Such as the United States Health Catalyst is a software company for hospital cost control, the company also won the high growth in the last few years, is expected in 2017. And the expansion of the ambulatory surgery center is the same principle, through the hospital outpatient surgery, can be greatly reduced by the payer pays for patients to the hospital, the hospital also willing to use this low cost approach to expansion.


    In medical control of the two kinds of path choice, direct JiangFei is able to obtain rapid development in the short term and meet the demand of capital out of the project, and disease prevention and control of project cycle is long, and cannot be quickly copy, this can lead to the development of the overall speed limited, for investors is more of the layout of the long-term, rather than in the short term value in return.


    From the point of the simple analysis, in addition to the layout of the hospitals and clinics and other medical investment assets, must adapt to the overall trend of the future market. On the one hand, by adopting the method of enhancing the curative effect to attract and retain users; On the other hand, through the direct cut costs and reduce overall medical fees to ensure its own development. Under the two route choice, only grasp the simple flow entry is invalid.


    The direction of the future to choose two, first, sink to the long-term layout for disease control and prevention, pass through slow payer in an effort to promote the development of the market. In China, under the premise of cover is too weak, it will be a long process, is suitable for the long-term capital patient.


    Second, help the payer directly cut spending to reduce costs and help the medical service institutions. The service fee due to China's medical system have long been artificially low, problems of medicine for the medical medical institutions, in both outpatient surgery, main source of income is a consumable and medicine. Control cost, therefore, the focus of the focus on products for a long time, but in the wrong service system under the premise of radical change, control of product cost is ineffective. At the same time, China's basic medical distrusted for a long time, cause patients to the hospital, the higher medical costs. Although the government intention of hierarchical diagnosis and will be back at the grass-roots level, but on the premise of no big changes at the grass-roots level, the promoting effect remains to be seen.


    Therefore, the future of service system, especially outside the system service system will have a huge institutional change, this change is effective control cost of power. In addition, the hospital cost control overall is poorer, accused of fees in the future, under the pressure of the cost control will become the important growth point of the market.


    For investors, the health care industry limited by long cycles in other industries fast into fast out of the strategy, but the health care industry is not high quality project, but under the current system is difficult to be real, need over time. Along with the market trend of gradually clear, the net type of investment will come to an end.