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  1. Exports of traditional Chinese medicine to expand marketing channels to open the biggest obstacle to the international market

    Also known as han Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, it is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation, for made great contribution to the thriving of the Chinese nation. Traditional medical treatment idea is gradually accepted by the world, traditional medicine by the international community more and more attention, the growing worldwide demand for traditional Chinese medicine, it has provided a broad space for development of traditional Chinese medicine.


    Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce in west gansu, gansu province, vice President liu zhanglin 11 when accepting a reporter to interview revealed that in the case of a decline in the national import and export trade, export trade of Chinese medicine has become a "monolith", July 1, 2015 to the Chinese medicine export growth of about 10%.


    On that day, "area" of traditional Chinese medicine international cooperation BBS and "area" ambassador of Chinese medicine in longxi county, gansu province. Liu zhanglin analysis of import and export situation of traditional Chinese medicine at the meeting, he told reporters that as the "area" construction, traditional Chinese medicine occupy more and more important position in international trade, in the first half of 2015, exports of Chinese medicine in 154 countries and regions, Asia is still the main export market of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), among them, the first export market of Hong Kong, China is the mainland Chinese medicine, only the first half of the year exports of $300 million.


    Liu zhang, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia is also Chinese medicine export main target market, and the United States is the third largest export market of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in recent years has maintained high growth. , according to Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce in the first half of 2015, China's exports to the us $270 million in Chinese medicine, year-on-year growth of 17.2%, accounting for 14.1% of the export of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine, TCM products mainly exports to the us plant extracts, accounted for 78.2%.


    "In all the countries have good cultural foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine for acceptance is higher, these countries accounted for more than 50% of the total amount of import and export of traditional Chinese medicine". Liu zhanglin analysis, the overall demand for traditional Chinese medicine is growing global, have grown by 5% a year on average. The ginseng, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and Chinese wolfberry is the most popular in foreign countries and dangshen, Chinese angelica, rehmannia, chrysanthemum, etc.


    Gansu province in 2014 and 2015 Chinese medicine import and export growth of 35% and 35% respectively. Zhang Lin liu believes that under the background of "area", as the traditional Chinese medicine culture birthplace of gansu province has great potential for foreign trade. And he said, is Chinese region in gansu province, have medicinal materials trade, warehousing advantage. In addition, there are geographical advantages, in the silk road in gansu traffic arteries and is open to the west frontier.


    According to the 2015-2020 China's pharmaceutical industry competition and development prospect forecast report, according to the traditional Chinese medicine for abroad, open the international market is the biggest obstacle, liu zhang Lin admitted that a registered regulations and difficulties, the second is how to expand marketing channels after the export of Chinese medicine.