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  1. Lecture Held in Jiangnan University, Fortune Staffs Joined actively

    On August 26, 2018, Zhuohe Pharmaceutical Group Limited held a academic lecture together with Jiangnan University, where experts and professors from Chinese Association for Science and Business (CASB), including Mr. Bao Shaoqi, former Vice-President of Cornell University and fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Mr. Chen Zhesheng, Professor and Director of Biotechnology Research Institute of St. John’s University, and Mr. Liu Chuanju, professor of New York University gave speeches, and Mr. Zhou Zhuohe, Chairman of Zhuohe Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Xu Jianguo, General Manager of Wuxi Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Ms. Mi Jingyu, Director of R&D Institute of Wuxi Fortune, and other staffs from quality, R&D, and technique departments, together with young teachers from the Medicine R&D Institution of Jiangnan University took part in.

    Chairman Zhou Zhuohe, General Manager Xu Jianguo, R&D Director Mi Jingyu took part in the lecture


    The lecture topic for the professor of Mr Chen Zhesheg is “Stragegies for Reversing MDR by Targeting ABC Transporters”, and that for the professor of Mr Liu Chuanju is “Targeting One Molecule to Treat Common and Rare Diseases”. The attendees actively asked questions about the topics and had a lively discussion with the two professors, and learned a lot.

    Professor Chen Zhesheng is speaking


    The professors combined the theories with practices, used easily understandable ways to explain their unique perspectives, and benefited the attendees a lot. The lecture not only enriched the spare time of the attendees, but also increased their professional knowledge reserve, which could actively facilitate their accomplishing relative work in the future.

    Active Discussion with Attendees

    Group photo with experts and professors after the lecture