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  1. Seize Opportunities to Seek Developments——CASB Delegation Visited Zhuohe Pharma

    On August 24, 2018, the province governor Mr Wu Zhenglonng met with the members of delegation from Chinese Association for Science and Business (CASB), and both sides had cordial talks. Many of the key members are science and technology elites and entrepreneurs, who were enrolled in the CUSPEA program and recruited into the United States by the Nobel Prize winner professor Li Zhengdao, including Dr Li Daxi (Chairman of CASB), Mr. Deng Wenzhong (Academician of National Academy of Engineering, world famous bridge expert), Mr Ma Zuoping (Academician of National Academy of Engineering, semiconductor chip expert), Mr Wang Zhaokai (Academician of National Academy of Engineering, world famous marine bio-energy expert), Mr Zhou Zhuohe (Association Director of CASB, Chairman of Zhuohe Pharm), experts of all fields from CASB and famous university in USA. The other attendees are Mr Guo Yuanqiang (vice governor of Jiangsu Province) and Mr Chen Jiangang (secretary general of the provincial government) etc.


    Mr Wu Zhenglong (Province Governor) met with Mr Zhou Zhuohe (Chairman of Zhuohe Pharm) and Mr Deng Wenzhong (World famous bridge expert) etc.

    Group photo for the provincial leaders and the members of delegation CASB


    On August 25, the CASB delegation visited our company on invitation. The CASB is a not-for-profit organization aiming at establishing links between Science&Technology and Business, and between China and the world, and encouraging the founding of high-tech enterprises. The members of CASB are mainly former Chinese oversea students highly educated in High-techs, Finance or Management, and now working actively in the fields of Science&Technology, Education, Finance, Business, etc, among whom some have established their own companies, and some have become Nobel Prize winners.

    The Members of this delegation, including Dr. Li Daxi (Chairman of CASB), Mr. Bao Shaoqi [former Vice-President of Cornell University and academician of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)] Mr. Deng Wenzhong (Academician of National Academy of Engineering, world famous bridge expert), Mr. Chen Zhesheng (Professor and Director of Biotechnology Research Institute of St. John’s University) and other famous experts and entrepreneurs etc., visited our company accompanied by the government officials of Mr. Lu Shengping, Mr. Chen Feng, Mr. Bao Jinming, Mr. Wang Wei, Ms. Dou Hong etc from Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City.

    Front Row: Left 6: Mr. Li Daxi; Left 5: Mr. Deng Wenzhong; Left 4: Mr. Bao Shaoqi;

    Left 3: Mr. Zhou Zhuohe; Left 1: Mrs. Li (Mr. Li Daxi’s wife)

    Front Row: Right 3: Mr. Chen Zhesheng; Right 4: Mr. Bao Jinming; Right 5: Mr. Lu Shengping

                  Back Row: Left 1: Mr. Liu Chuanju; Left 2: Mr. Xu Jianguo; Left 3: Mr. Li Bingheng;

                               Left 4: Mr. James Bao


    The delegation team visited the production site of Wuxi Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, accompanied by the chairman Mr. Zhou Zhuohe, and the general manager Mr. Xu Jianguo, who introduced the company profile, manufacturing status, and Research & Development achievements, etc, showing the high growth trajectory of the company. 

    General Manager, Mr. Xu Jianguo introduces the company profile


    The delegation team particularly focused on the Synthesis Workshop, which has been awarded as a ‘Demonstration Intelligent Workshop of Jiangsu Province’, and its ‘Rotation Ion-Exchanging Technique’ has been awarded as ‘Excellence’ in both provincial and municipal Patent Award Contests. The ‘Rotation Ion-Exchanging Technique’ uses continuous ionic separation and membrane separation techniques to obtain high purity (more than 99%) of Netilmicin Sulfate, which meets the requirement of European Pharmacopoeia, and fills the blank in the fields of separation and purification techniques both domestically and internationally.

    Visit ‘Rotation Ion-Exchanging System’ in Synthesis Workshop

    Chairman Mr Zhou Zhuohe speaks in the meeting


    After the visit to Wuxi Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a meeting was held in Xizhou Garden Hotel. The delegation members highly recognized the achievements made by our company, and the Chairman Zhou said that we’ll keep on progressing, and seize opportunities to gain more accomplishments.

    Meeting between the delegation members, Zhuohe Group leaders and government officials