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  1. Fu qi pharmaceutical group \"love Tibet\" activity of relief supplies to the affected compatriots

    Due to the earthquake affected, April 25 by the Nepal Tibetan earthquake feeling more intense, radiation, shannan, Lhasa, xigaze, ali and other cities, more than ten thousand people affected by different level. Fu qi pharmaceutical co., LTD., to organize activities of "love Tibet", initiative clothes donation for the affected compatriots. Now everyone have a lot of outdated home not to wear clothes, the newer keep out the cold, has been the closet, such as wool sweaters and other warm clothes, cotton-padded jacket, down jacket, jacket, etc., whether adults or children can be donated to the disaster areas compatriots, friends in the disaster areas must receive this love heart warm, warm warm clothes for him, can withstand the cruelty of the disaster, which is fu qi spirit "qi kang health The soloist "effectively reflect. Come on, my friends take action! We believe this activity will have the support of all my colleagues.


    Donate time: May 11 to May 14.


    The event of the originator, research institute, sales Huang Yujun FuJing, preparation.


    Donor advisory telephone: Xu Huaqu 13665103126, extension 8005, rui rui 13961739107, extension 8099.