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  1. Unity is strength, inductive praying to expand training

    Unity is strength, inductive praying to expand training

    (marketing: Shen Yalin)


    August 1-2, the company in yixing expand training organization management. Though because of the high temperature weather, expanding training is enriched to most. However, its impact is far-reaching, will surely can give a positive role in promoting the future production practice. Activity process of every moment, every time make up, will be precious memories in every man's heart.

    Trudging, return to a home, quick and skillful to take a shower, open air conditioning, a person quietly lying on the bed, feel relieved at the same time, a kind of easy arises spontaneously. Close your eyes and memories of today's training, like go checking, wondering how to make each game link more perfect. However, no matter how to think, always not open around a keyword is - team! So, what is team? How the team formed? How to improve the team construction and development?


    1, "team"

    What is team? Team is a group together to specific goals and strive for it. Interpret the meaning of the team, on the number, the team is a group of people, should be at least three people (including) above, small to shift, to country, can become a team. In the training, we were randomly divided into two groups, the discussion on its own, set the team name, slogan, team song, and then poses. In this environment, we temporarily formed a team, and in a short period of time, form a consensus, the name slogans and circulate modelling is determined. The uniform is the most important is, we must kick to sing 'bout, chanting slogans and pose. The results as we had expected, perfect deduce, with one! It is for each member of the team more than to devote to make the team goals.


    2, the formation of the team

    The establishment of a team, there are two factors is very important, the first is the members, including core members with ordinary members, the second is system, establish a feasible standardization system, each member need unconditional obedience, in violation of the system, the deviation degree, all need to be punished with a certain and correct. (1) team member selection and screening, at the beginning of the team was set up, there is always a few sponsors, the several authors tend to develop after the team has been a member of the core, in the process of the establishment of alibaba, is Mr. Ma and 18 arhats in hangzhou up a narrow narrow office to discuss. Who can think again, after some years, alibaba is really opened the door to wealth, has created many billionaires. Core members of the comprehensive quality and bosom, determines the team can walk how far, can bring much happiness to each member. Core members have after, is recruiting for ordinary members, in the recruitment process, must have a standard to measure whether he (she) is suitable for joining the team, whether have the same or close to the values, whether can promote the ability of team development and advantage of expertise, have team work spirit, whether has the perseverance will quality (2) the team system establishment and implementation, from a management perspective, laws or the rule of law, or both in a problem. Basically, from the modern enterprise system, the rule of law is more advantageous to enterprise's long-term development, Chinese companies had been treated before phenomenon is very common, and characteristics of the rule of law in European and American companies more obvious. For the simplest case, a Chinese restaurant chef, often can decide the performance of the restaurant put much seasoning, when to put condiment, put the order of the seasoning, cooking time and so on all with chef experience to operate, and KFC restaurant, for the weight of the Fried chicken, Fried, put much seasoning, there are strict standardization system. Even the Chinese restaurant chain, therefore, it is also easy to distinguish, but for KFC, we do not easy to distinguish the difference, it is for this reason. If a team should have strong fighting capacity, to have the lasting vitality, without a sound system specification, the ancients says "no can be accomplished without norms or standards", is of importance for the system. Before the system was formally established, can people do to him will be destroyed, each member published their own opinions, recorded in the core members, as long as it is conducive to the development of the team, can be incorporated into, and the process fully embody the principles of democracy, there is a saying is very good, I can not agree with your point of view, but I will defend to the death your right to speak, after all the summary together, forming a set of system (discussion paper) to each member, for discussion, and subsequent amendments or improvement Suggestions, should be seriously, after several rounds of polish and perfect, enforce established formal system, the process reflects principle of concentration. System established team, each member must be unconditional implementation, whether it is a core member, or ordinary members, must be subject to constraints of the system, only in this way, the team can fully embody the cohesive force and executive force, imagine that leaders are punished for breaking the system, ordinary staff also dare to violate system? A good system, should be able to guarantee the normal operation of a team, should be able to glue each member of the team together to form a powerful cohesion, should be able to put the initiative of each member of the team, creativity, and enthusiasm into play, make the whole team is full of positive momentum. Back to our training, the last one is what I call it "the wire" project (a junction between two pillars of about 55 cm * 55 cm square hole, the square hole about 80 cm high from the ground, without the help of others, the average person it is hard not to touch the red line around and implementation through, unless people with martial arts and gymnastics skills, note: touch the red line need again), before implementation, we discuss together, who first, how, who is the last one, how, height or size of the order, who is responsible for the rise, who is responsible for, who is in charge of BaoJiao and so on, one by one, clear, perfect pass finally. From this project, we can get some successful experience in the paper are as follows: (1) the problem, everyone together, discuss together, give full play to the wisdom of each and every one, with as many solutions, fully embodies the team creativity; (2) the package (system) once confirmed, unified thought, stick to it, fully embodies the team execution; (3) the reasonable division of labor, clear responsibilities, this is particularly important, ensure the smooth execution of the scheme can fully reflect the team organized; (4) can fully trust between members of the team broke into unimaginable strength (27 people began, coach 30 minutes all through, I don't think some people believe that to achieve the task, including me, and the result is less than 14 minutes to realize all through) under the reference in the "era of variant of teenage mutant ninja turtles" mouse called sprint at the end of lines, the most powerful force in the trust between each other; (5) goal unification, we reached the height of the knowledge in a short time, is to be in 30 minutes all through, fully reflects the team's cohesion.


    3, team construction and development

    Team set up, if you want to keep the team vitality, form a strong fighting capacity, to shape its highly efficient executive ability within the circle of, must be regular professional training, must organize regular activities, so as to realize the construction and development of the team. Specifically, I think can be done by the following ways: (1) team construction is a very professional subject, Suggestions can hire professional consulting firm, to measure a body to make the team a set of solutions, such as through outdoor development training, during the process of training activities, cultivating people thin blame the consciousness of the concept. This time, the company is hired professional training company, effect is very obvious; (2) a team can increase regularly organize various forms of activities to develop each other emotions, such as dinner, simple, economical and practical, you let go of the stomach to drink, it is advisable to not to drink to drunk, of course, we have a customer, South Korea's phil company, company of wine culture is one of the main content of the corporate culture, drank wine, you put down the alert, and speak freely, at ordinary times did not dare to say, can't say at ordinary times, usually don't say, will burst forth in the form of ale will make a cat speak, formed in the true sense of the communication between the heart and heart, usually because of various reasons and forms of bitterness, misunderstanding, friction, may gradually eliminate. Friction compared to volcanic eruptions, insulate legislation situation for the development of the team more lethal. From a professional point of view, is must establish a platform for team members to communicate with each other, and organize regular communication, it must be in the form of a system specification. Xu in his semi-annual summary meeting, also emphasized the importance of team building, suggest organize regular activities, strengthen exchanges; (3) team building needs to establish and improve various rules and regulations, as members of the team of the principal and core, the first thing you need to improve their ability, widen our sight and has a broad mind, only in this way can make the system, including appraisal system, promotion system, communication system, etc., for the outstanding member, must vigorously, set up advanced model, for violation of the members of the system and performance behind, must also be properly punished, effort; (4) in the process of team building for the main controller and the core members of the training is the primary target, it is said that a lion lead the flock of its combat effectiveness is better than a sheep led lions, China also has the old "shoot first shot of the horses The snake ", from the perspective of philosophy, is to seize the main contradiction of things.


    4, the conclusion

    How to build effective team is a very professional job, we need to think in daily work life, to explore, to practice. However, the key of the key or interests, only the heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, to form the resultant force, is likely to achieve team goals.