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  1. Learning and development - - "time management" training

    Time is the most limited and precious resource, if you can't manage time, that will not be able to manage other things. Time is fair to everyone. How to make reasonable use of limited time efficient to complete the job, is the test for everyone. By joining the company organization of time management training, let I learned time management methods and techniques. Through this training, have the following comments:


    1. Clear, to set priorities Learn to reasonable arrangement of the limited time. Things are classified, according to its importance and urgency to arrange order. Priority is important and urgent things, the second for the important but not urgent things to plan; Urgent but not important things can arrange other personnel processing. Such use of our time to maximize the time efficiency;


    2. To work with a purpose, a planned way has no plans to work is chaotic, messy. Work plan according to the arrangement of their work objectives, the company's annual plan, development department has a monthly plan, individuals can have weekly plan, or to plan their work every day. Have a specific plan, work orderly and become quite regular, not missing work.


    3. To avoid delay, can be today until tomorrow Procrastination is human nature, to overcome. The best way is to deal with one thing, the thing on that day, not to escape the psychological. If you don't finish at that time the processing, also want to set a reasonable deadline for yourself. Must be completed within the deadline. So asked us to list of what needs to be done every day according to the plan, and stick to it, and form a good habit.


    4. Must be good at summarizing To have a period of time to work on a comprehensive system of check and analysis. The analysis result, sum up experience. Have the experience and lessons, facilitate the development of the work plan, in the future according to the work tasks and requirements in the future, clear effort to release and avoid mistakes before, will make us more efficient at work.