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  1. Quality system

    1, the company production scope and main varieties

    The company mainly produces sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, hard capsule, tablet, granules; And pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing, and processing; Self-management and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business

    Main varieties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (has passed national GMP certification) :

    Aminoglycoside antibiotics - ribostamycin sulfate, sisomicin sulfate, nanotubes sulfate for m star, small sulfate and paromomycin sulfate;

    Large ring lactone class antibiotic - acid salt of spiramycin, spiramycin, spiramycin adipate salt;

    Class quinolone antibacterial drug - and barlow of sand preparation, fluorine Rosa star mesylate, a bead of sand;

    Organic acid and its salt, lactic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate sodium solution;

    Anti-tb drug, rifampicin and butyl spray;

    Immune inhibitors - it for 7 phenol ester and capsule; Tacrolimus, sirolimus

    The main varieties of preparation (has passed national GMP certification) :

    At the spray butyl capsule, spiramycin capsule, it for 7 phenol ester capsules, metformin, glipizide capsules, fluorine Rosa star capsule, d EC particles, bismuth potassium citrate particles, such as combination of anti-tb drugs;

    2, has passed the certification/registration products abroad:

    API spiramycin obtain certificate of cGMP in Germany;

    API nanotubes sulfate for m star Portugal EU - GMP certificate;

    API spiramycin German GMP certificate;

    API mitomycin German GMP certificate;

    3, the varieties of research:

    Succinic alkyl sulfonate adenosine methionine, a nai hydroquinone 2 sodium phosphate and preparations, according to the dimension of therapy and, tartaric acid rivastigmine API, in accordance with the mab apis as well as the preparation, tacrolimus drug substances and drug products, acetaminophen tramadol capsule, acarbose tablets, etc.