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  1. Profile

        Wuxi Fortune Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the belidf of "pray for the health,improve the living condition, bless the people",devotes to developing and manufacturing APL and finished products,and provide better products and service.We have complete quality assurance system,advanced facility,providing good products,and perfect matching facilities.The company has been qualified by China GMP,EU GMP,ISO14001(envirinmental management system),and ISO18001(safety management system).We have good talent term with composition of high technology human resource,who work on the position,like management,R&D,development,manufacturing,and marketing.   

    At present, the company main products are antibiotics such as Netilmicin Sulfate,Sisomicin Sulfate,Ribostamycin Sulfate,and Spiramycin etc.,and immunosuppressant like mycophenolate Mofetil and Tacrolimus.Most of our products are exported to Europe, America,Africa,and South East Asia cointried. The advantaged superiority creates deep enterprise culture and the abundant science and technology strength create the development opportenities.Now Wuxi fortune actively develops on the organ transplantation adti-rejection drugs,new antineoplastic and hepatoprptective. We also gradually expand the market of finished products to provide enduring power for the enterprose development. 

    Strong research and development streng th,firm production technology,advanced management ideas,innovative business ideas and continuous self-imoprovement quality management system are our competitive advantages. We wprk hard to make the enterprise become a famous modern pharmacetical enterprise.